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16th Annual Howell Education Foundation

Appreciation Golf Outing


Our annual golf outing is taking a bit of a twist this year!  We did not want to cancel the 16th Annual Golf Outing, so we have decided to thank you (HPS staff) with a round of FREE golf at Chemung Hills during the month of October!


We are so thankful for the work you do every day to teach and support our students and families!  Our school district has many dedicated leaders and employees that always put our students and families FIRST! This is our way of showing appreciation for your hard work during these times.


We will be sponsoring 100 FREE rounds of golf – first come first serve.  So, pull out your ID cards (need to show the day of round of golf)


If you would like to have someone golf with you that is not a HPS employee, please tell Mike and he will book them and charge them separately.  So, relax and take some time for yourself to enjoy a round of golf on us!

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Grants to teachers – at our monthly meetings our board reviews any grant request that is presented by one of our teachers for funding.  To date we have driven more than $150,000.00 back into the classroom on programs and curriculum that provide students with unique learning opportunities.


Technology and Learning – installed 40 I Pads in the 8th grade levels at both Highlander Way and Parker Middle Schools – this project was started in September 2012 with the idea of tracking cognitive learning advancement with the use of the I Pad devise.  The initial results of this program have been very positive.


Building Trades Class – this class was on the verge of being eliminated until the HEF board purchased a house on Potts Road in Fowlerville.  The trade’s class under the assistance of Mark Leahy,  renovated this home and sold it before we finished.  We then purchased a vacant lot and have built and sold a 3,000 sq ft home during the 2013 school year and sold that before we finished the build.  We are currently building a new house that will be up for sale in June.


Speakers Bureau – in cooperation with the Interact Club (Rotary JR at High School level), we have developed a board of speakers that will advise and educate students concerning career tracks within different industries. The speaker selection is student led based on results of a student led survey that is completed and tabulated.


Reaching Higher Program – we have provided over $35,000.00 in funding to pay for an effort to reach children and prepare them to excel in the blessed life that we all live.  This program was created by a former educator Susie Dahlman – and is now ran by Kara Cotton - Moore. We are looking for ways to provide additional funds for the programs longevity. This program has saved many teenagers in our local community from drugs, suicide and disconnecting from education and the family unit.


Howell Alumni Program – during 2013 we reacquired the communication responsibilities to reach out to the Howell Alumni that currently exceeds 17,000.  We will have been working on a marketing program that will begin quarterly communications to the existing Alumni.





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